2018 iWCGPS Season Preview Shows


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2018 iWCGPS Season Preview Shows
RaceSpot TV's Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey preview the 2018 season
Jonathan Simon | March 11, 2018

The Simon Racing Report - RaceSpot TV Commentator


After sitting through 5 hours of recording, your RaceSpot TV commentary team of Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey get rowdy, opinionated and go untamed. That’s why it was the perfect idea to record 9 preview shows for the 2018 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series! Over the next 9 days, we preview the 2018 season before going in order through team power rankings, finishing with our privateers and one driver teams.

Does Jonathan Simon swear? Yes. Is Wil Vincent NSFW? Please. Do you get over the top Jake Sparey analysis? OF COURSE. We look at how praising or presumptuous our anonymous experts were in the hardcore word bank, the movers and shakers for each team during the silly season (I agree, the sim racing silly season is ACTUALLY 365 days a year), how statistically insightful we can be in ‘Dat Phat Stat’, Jonathan’s arrogantly brilliant Formula 1 team comparisons (from roughly the last 10 years), and how evil Jake’s questions can be in the observer’s advocate. The Simon Racing Report’s 2018 iWCGPS preview shows begin… T, T, T, TODAY JUUNUHH!

All races of the 2018 iWCGPS will be broadcasted live on RaceSpot TV and iRacing Live, with Round 1 commencing on the 17th of March @ Interlagos.

VRS Coanda Simsport

RaceSpot TV's Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey preview the first team on their power ranking list, VRS Coanda Simsport.

Team Redline

Another 2018 iWCGPS preview show sees Team Redline ranked as the #2 team to start the season in our power rankings. Can Greger Huttu return to his GOAT form? Will Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola and Olli Pahkala return to the top step of the podium. Can the exciting trio of Bono Huis, Freek Schothorst and Graham Carroll win the world championship this year? Or... Will Team Redline even race this year?

FA Racing G2 Logitech G

The third team covered in our 2018 iWCGPS Season Preview shows is Fernando Alonso's own FA Racing G2 team, affiliated with G2 Esports. Essentially, this is 2017 CoRe SimRacing minus Pashalis Gergis. Who has the best chance at winning the world championship out of this squad for the future? And hold on... Are they expected to be winning races in 2018? Is there too much pressure and hype on these young up and coming stars? Or have they been underrated being ranked the third best team entering the season? All is discussed by RaceSpot TV's Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey.

Apex Racing UK

Ranked fourth to start the season, Apex Racing UK is a team renowned for their strong dedicated sim racing culture, as well as young driver development. How will their cleansed lineup fare in 2018 with no new additions to the squad? Who is the de facto leader of the group? How high is the ceiling for this team on the right day? Your RaceSpot TV commentary team of Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey discuss all that, along with their favourite British swear words, and some laughs in between!

Radicals Online

What's exciting about Radicals Online is that this group of drivers replicate your streaky three point shooters off the bench, the 85th minute substitutes who kick the winning goal, and the pinch hitters who go deep for the walk-off home run. They'll be on pole contending near the top one race – next they're fighting to avoid finishing towards the rear of the field. Radicals are next on our power ranking list to begin the 2018 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, as RaceSpot TV's Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey aim to figure this team out, and where to go forward for the future.

Orion Race Team

The experts. The connoisseurs. The savants. The seasoned veterans of the iWCGPS are next on our power ranking list to begin the 2018 season, as RaceSpot TV's Jonathan Simon, Wil Vincent and Jake Sparey discuss how the Orion Race Team can bounce back from the loss of promising talent, their past success in the series since the inaugural 2010 season and more. But... What do young or yet to be born babies, as well as 60+ year old drivers have to do with this show? WATCH AND FIND OUT!

Positive SimRacing

You might think, how do Positive SimRacing continue to survive and maintain a seat in the world's best sim racing series/competition? It's down to great ownership and management. As we were releasing this episode, another driver was announced to have departed the team. Probably PSR's best hope for 2018 and beyond. That about sums up their tenure in the iWCGPS. Their development of drivers and the opportunities they create is likened to Southampton's history of selling young talent to bigger teams. PSR get nothing in return. Most of all, PSR stay positive and have cemented themselves a strong foundation for many years to come. Once PSR switched to a full focus on iRacing years ago, they understood the future market of sim racing. It's now up to them to turn their squad into a championship juggernaut for years to come.

Privateers and one driver teams

This is always the most exciting bunch of drivers to begin a season. The privateers and one driver teams for the 2018 iWCGPS are your potential dark horses on and off the track. Will they work together throughout the season? Will a team sign a one of these critical free agents to fill a crucial gap in their line up? How hard will they work to earn a seat elsewhere, or attract drivers to build their own alliance? Maybe even work hard to prove people wrong? Now you know why I enjoy this group every single season, it's all an unknown. They include:

Vortex SimRacing: Balazs Remenyik
Evolution Racing Team: Diogo Oliveira
TTL Esports: Joshua K Rogers
Heusinkveld CORE Motorsports: Moritz Löhner
CoRe Sim Racing: Pashalis Gergis


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